The equipment list of your car won’t satisfy you unless you purchase a high-end luxury vehicle. The OEMs, however, do not provide certain car accessories as a standard fitment, even in the highest-spec models. We are not discussing rear view parking, automatic ORVMs, or touchscreen infotainment systems.


We’re talking about automotive additions that offer more than just comfort. In order to make our automobiles more comfortable and useful when they are in motion, what can we do? The importance of car accessories increases in this situation. Given the many affordable, allegedly beneficial automobile upgrades available nowadays, what should you choose?


Mobile charger

Due to our mobile devices, we can simplify our lives even while we are on the go, whether listening to Bluetooth music or using Google Maps to navigate. As a result, the battery life is also compromised. As a result, cell phone chargers are among the essential automotive accessories. Your phone will charge quickly if you use a reputable brand and a charger with a minimum power of 2 amps.


Car freshener

The smell of a car is equally as important as its feel. To eliminate unpleasant odors from the interior of the car, spend between Rs. 500 and 600 on a quality car freshener or perfume. People will undoubtedly notice these when they enter your vehicle since they are readily accessible.


Mobile Holder

When we’re moving, we increasingly rely on our mobile devices for everything from listening to music to navigation. Using your phone or even looking at it while driving is not recommended, but if you absolutely must, use a cellphone holder. Cellphone holders are available in a wide variety of styles. In addition to suction-cup models that can be attached to windscreens, magnetic models can also be inserted into air conditioner vents, and even anti-slip models can be placed on dashboards.


Portable tire Inflator

We also need a tool that can save us from an uncomfortable situation when it’s needed in the middle of nowhere on our list of essential automotive accessories. By plugging a portable tire inflator into your car’s power outlet, you can power the inflation of a tubeless tire that has easily ruptured. A completely flat tire can be repaired within 10 to 15 minutes with a quality inflator. The air pressure in your car’s tires can also be checked or filled at home, so one doesn’t have to keep waiting in long queues at the gas station.


The Dash Cam is a true modern necessity, even if we’re unaware of its existence. An automobile dash cam records everything that happens outside the vehicle using a video camera mounted on the dashboard. A little gadget like this might be useful when there are accidents or other mishaps.





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